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The Weathered Gate – Featuring Primitive, Patriotic Americana, Classic and Floral Country Décor Items all in one site:

A picture speaks a thousand words so here are some examples of the different styles that we carry in The Weathered Gate. All of them can be used with a modern twist or used traditionally so we added some room design examples too…

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Primitive Country Decor : Rustic, one-of-a-kind furnishings are wildly popular with a wide range of homeowners and professional decorators. These furnishings, accent pieces, rustic architectural and structural elements are iconic Americana.


Country Floral Decor: The image of a country garden, flowers growing amongst the fruit and vegetables, peonies, honeysuckle, roses and wisteria growing wild, has influenced this decorating style . What is certain is that the garden has had an enormous influence upon the designs inside the country house.

Patriotic Americana Decor: Americana decorating describes a style that is casual. It is full of easy to care for materials that make it perfect for families with children. This style can be patriotic, primitive, or country farmhouse, but most often is a combination of the three. Americana decorating includes many different motifs, including geography, folk art, nautical themes and historical, which can be adapted in a number of ways.

Classic Country Decor: Country farmhouse decor is a style that encompasses several decades and is, probably, the single most used decorating style. Colors can be anything from primaries to faded peach, and the style can lean from Colonial to kitschy, or be an enthusiastic mixture of all. The style can be modernized or remain traditional…

Shabby Chic, mixing it with Country: Shabby chic is considered a feminine decor, while rustic style often appears masculine. Just like in a marriage, combining two styles requires finding the common ground between them. Shabby chic originated in England during the 1980s and is characterized by a worn look in furnishings, soft colors and faded, floral patterns. Rustic style, particularly American rustic, is known for hand-hewn wooden furniture, an absence of frills, and bold, lumberjack-style plaids. Both are casual styles with an antique look and feel, which makes it easy to blend the two.

Although rustic pieces tend toward bold silhouettes, while shabby chic is more delicate, a distressed wood look is common to both styles. Check our site: